Let It Go

How many times did I hear this sentence? Countlessly; in so many different contexts. But I never fully understood it until recently. I was facing a choice: telling the truth about something bad that someone did to me or NOT saying anything.

The recommendation I was getting was mostly ‘Just let it go!’ And I was sick and tired of hearing it because I felt like my revenge was absolutely necessary. The truth had to be told and I had the bullet – just needed to pull the trigger and shoot.

Just Let It Gothey said... (1)

Then a question came: “Iva, is there anything good that comes out of it?” – “Uhm, not really, but it will give me satisfaction.”

Followed the second question: “How long will your satisfaction last?” I took a moment before answering and came to realize that probably a very short time. Too short for what would come after – a feeling of guilt for doing something bad, for hurting someone intentionally. This is not who I am.

But I was still struggling with the sentence “Let It Go” – such a cliché. So I invented my own verb – to lig (to “Let It Go” in order to become the BetterMe over BitterMe, to be the bigger person and focus on the good, kind and positive.)

And now I can tell you that “ligging” feels really good. And there is a whole bunch of techniques – writing angry letters/e-mails and not sending them, saying or singing it out loud when you are alone, writing a song about it, scribbling or drawing a painting… You choose.

It’s normal to have resentful, bad thoughts – it’s what makes us human but how we act on them makes the difference. Consider the repercussions first and focus on the positive action. If nothing good comes out of it, you should lig.

When was the last time you ligged and how was it?

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