Patman goes Batman to fight the Coronavirus!

Stay Home and go Batman too 


Why Batman? Today I watched a documentary about the Coronavirus which supposedly originated in bats…  And it got me thinking.

How did Batman actually become Batman?

Bruce Wayne wasn’t bitten by a bat like Spiderman. It was his decision, determination…

Maybe this virus is a wake-up call, a ‘bat-bite’ to all humanity so that we rediscover our superpower – to be Human – kind, respectful and loving.

So go Batman! Watch it, read it, play it… Be Batman, Be Human – call your loved ones, offer help to your friends and neighbours (especially the elderly) but be cautious and eliminate any unnecessary travel and gatherings.

We can get throught this but we need to take social distancing measures now! More info here:…/coronavirus-act-today-or-people-will-d…

To see how social distancing affects the spread of a disease check out this simulation:

Stay Home,
Put Your Batman Capes On,
and Hold On,
Because Love Goes On


#GoBatman #StayHomeAndWatchBatman

Institutions all over the world are coming together and offer various online activities:

12 Famous Museums Offer Virtual Tours:

Classical music concerts from the Berliner Philharmoniker:

Tips for activities with your kiddos at home:

Slow TV

Scenic train rides:

City walks:


Deep dive into the marine life: – scroll page

Cartoons for kids:

A few other sources with inspirational approach to the virus.


The ultime tool to connect with yourself – meditation.


And for some background noise – whether it’s sea, forest or coffee shop chatter try out Noisli.

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