Do You Know Yourself?

Have you ever taken an online personality test? If there is one I would recommend, it’s ‘16 personalities‘.

Knowing your personality type can be a huge help in seeing your blind spots. For me it was an eye-opener to understand how I may come across at a workplace to the personality types from the other side of the spectrum:

  • highly-emotional & poorly-disciplined subordinate
  • a manager who struggles to set clearly defined objectives & timetables
  • a co-worker who is way too much interested in their colleagues lives

I remember when I first heard “I’m not here to make friends, I am here to work.” from a team-mate. Back then I thought she was weird! Now I know she is just a different personality type. Probably from the opposite side of the spectrum. But it doesn’t mean we can’t get along, we just both need to adapt our communication style and have mutual respect. Continue reading “Do You Know Yourself?”

Leading with lollipops

How many of you are completely comfortable with calling yourselves a leader?

Drew Dudley asks this question to begin one of my most favorite TED talks. If you have 6 minutes just go watch it now.

If you feel like reading – let me highlight some of his thoughts to you. Yep, it’s pretty much a transcript of his TED talk and I can’t emphasize enough how much this resonates with me and how it profoundly changed the way I interact with people around me. Continue reading “Leading with lollipops”